N4NJJ Repeaters

N4NJJ Repeaters

Repeater List

Information to Keep in Mind

  • Most of the repeaters are mixed-mode machines. Please monitor before keying up. Just because you don’t hear any traffic doesn’t mean there isn’t a QSO in progress on P25 or vice-versa.
  • Don’t be a lid. If you’re told that your radio sounds awful, and you can’t make meaningful improvementdo everyone a favor by signing off. Don’t be “that guy.”
  • Keep in mind that young children are frequently listening to the repeater.
  • The system is linked locally in Vegas, and nationally.

P25 & MDC Subscriber IDs

Here is a user-submitted listing of operators and their subscriber IDs. Unlike other systems and networks, there are no hard or fast rules on subscriber IDs. This list is provided to you as a way of helping you build your alias list in your portables. If you would like to submit your information to help your fellow operator, please use the Google Form below this spreadsheet. Bill N4NJJ makes no claims for accuracy on this user-submitted data.