N4NJJ Repeaters

N4NJJ Repeaters

General Information

  1. The Sin City Repeater Group is a group of privately funded repeaters. Each owner/trustee is free to make up his/her rules regarding the use of their hardware. There are some general understandings for all owners/trustees regarding audio levels, audio quality, etc.. Beyond that, it’s a system for all and is most definitely not a club
  2. Click here to download a PDF of *projected* coverage maps of the N4NJJ repeaters. These maps are mostly for entertainment purposes because, as always with RF, your mileage may be based on YOUR transmit/receive antenna, location, coax quality, connectors, etc.
  3. Click here to view the Supermon Dashboard.
  4. Since January 2021, N2UGS has maintained a DMR bridge onto the network courtesy of Brandmeister. To access, please use Brandmeister TG 3167813.

Repeater List

Status Call Sign Repeater Output Repeater Input Tone In Tone Out P25 NAC AllStar Node Location Hardware

Entered service December 2021

N4NJJ 147.210 MHz 147.810 MHz 107.2 Hz 107.2 Hz 702 43750 Centennial Hills Quantar

Entered service July 2017

N4NJJ 420.850 MHz 425.850 MHz 702 Black Mountain Quantar/P25 ONLY!

Entered service November 2015

N4NJJ 442.675 MHz 447.675 MHz 107.2 Hz 107.2 Hz Williamsville, NY (Sheridan & Hopkins) Quantar

Entered service December 2015

N4NJJ 445.375 MHz 440.375 MHz 107.2 Hz 107.2 Hz Centennial Hills Quantar
Down for service:

Entered service October 2015

N4NJJ 445.975 MHz 440.975 MHz 107.2 Hz 107.2 Hz 702 Emerald Island Casino (Downtown Henderson) Quantar

Entered service August 2014

KG7FKJ/N4NJJ 446.825 MHz 441.825 MHz 107.2 Hz 107.2 Hz 41394 Southwest Las Vegas

Entered service January 2022

N4NJJ 448.325 MHz 443.325 MHz 107.2 Hz 107.2 Hz 702 42630 Angel Peak (Mt. Charleston) Quantar
On-air: Entered service January 2021 N4NJJ 449.700 MHz 442.700 MHz 107.2 Hz 107.2 Hz 702 42631 Low Potosi Quantar
Down for service WREI383 462.550 MHz 467.550 MHz 107.2 Hz 107.2 Hz Centennial Hills
On-air: Entered service January 2017 N4NJJ 927.5625 MHz 902.5625 MHz 107.2 Hz 107.2 Hz 702 42628 Centennial Hills
Affiliate Repeaters
On-air W7IVK 145.390 MHz 144.790 MHz 100.0 Hz 56474 Downtown Henderson (Juan’s Flaming Fajita) XPR-8400
On-air K7RSW 448.875 MHz 443.875 MHz 114.8 Hz 114.8 Hz 29342 Downtown Henderson Quantar
On-air K7APX 445.950 MHz 440.950 MHz 516 DPL 114.8 293 50022 Green Valley Quantar
On-air N2UGS 444.475 MHz 449.475 MHz 107.2 Hz 107.2 Hz 527632 Williamsville, NY (Big Blue Water Tower)
  • Most of the repeaters are mixed-mode machines. Please monitor before keying up. Just because you don’t hear any traffic doesn’t mean there isn’t a QSO in progress on P25 or vice-versa.
  • Don’t be a lid. If you’re told that your radio sounds awful, and you can’t make meaningful improvementdo everyone a favor by signing off. Don’t be “that guy.”
  • Keep in mind that young children are frequently listening to the repeater.
  • The system is linked locally in Vegas, and nationally.
  • The repeater system will sometimes connect (automatically) to an east coast net. If you don’t like it, or don’t want to hear it, go to a different repeater while that traffic is on.
  • We welcome outside connections. If you plan on sticking around long-term, please send Bill N4NJJ an email.

P25 & MDC Subscriber IDs

We respectfully request that operators electing to use MDC only do so with it set to “PRE.” Please do not use MDC set to “POST.”

Here is a user-submitted listing of operators and their subscriber IDs. Unlike other systems and networks, there are no hard or fast rules on subscriber IDs. This list is provided to you as a way of helping you build your alias list in your portables. If you would like to submit your information to help your fellow operator, please use the Google Form below this spreadsheet. Bill N4NJJ makes no claims for accuracy on this user-submitted data.